Born on Date Beautiful force, Babies Prone to Infection

Birth is one of the most awaited gift you and your partner. But sometimes the want date of birth is considered good, even forced childbirth. In fact, there are negative effects that can harm your baby's health.

Many parents especially mothers who want a beautiful birth date, such as the 12 months of 12 in 2012. In order to meet the desire and obsession luck parents, baby had been born on that date.

Actually it is perfectly natural, especially with the advances in technology which caesarean procedure can realize these desires. However, parents should not think only of personal egoism considering the health of the baby becomes the main thing that needs to be prioritized.

"The birth was to be perfect, mature well in the mother's womb, we can not impose birth date just because it is considered beautiful for the date of birth of your son / daughter," said dr. Inneke Sirowanto, SpOG one an obstetrician at the hospital Awal Bros, Tangerang, Tuesday (11/12/2012).

Doctors Inneke added, the mother is not going to get any effect. But who will be the victims hereinafter baby is concerned in which case the forced birth early. "Babies are not perfectly ripe in the womb, which is 36 to 37 weeks will result in your baby's health and safety. Babies can damage the lungs or other vital organs. Not to mention the risk of infection is lurking baby, this is because the ripening process is not perfect, "he concluded.
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