Exactly How To Avoid Leptospirosis

WHEN the rainy season arrives, the environment would become more humid and prone to disease, especially if your home is flooded. Apparently many dangerous diseases can attack you, one leptospirosis.

Maintaining hygiene is one way that you can avoid leptospirosis. Environmental changes such as the amount of standing water, the environment becomes muddy, muddy, and a lot of landfill waste causing Leptospira bacteria breed easily.

"People prone to all the serovar Leptospira infection, so you should be aware of all animal urine contamination. Behavior He lived a healthy and clean is the main way to combat leptospirosis at no cost, "said dr. Hj. Vivien Mary, Sp.PD, Internal Medicine Specialist from Tangerang Awal Bros hospital to Okezone.

If you are maintaining your pet, should always wash with antiseptic after contact with pets, cages, and the environment in which the animals were.

He also added that mice eradication needs to be done because it is directly related to the eradication of leptospirosis. In addition, pig farmers are encouraged to make their livestock enclosure away from water sources. Manure needs to be directed to a specific source that does not pollute the environment, especially water resources.

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