Clean Solutions for Lung & Maintain Weight Loss

Who does not like a delicious chicken soup? It was not the food carelessly. Although simple, chicken soup turned out to have many benefits that are good for your health.

Chicken soup hardly exist around the world and presented in a menu. The main ingredient chicken is a high source of protein and helps build and strengthen the muscles in the body, tissues, skin, and hair. Here are the benefits you can get from eating chicken soup, as reported Magforwoman.

Rich source of protein

We used to use chicken or quail eggs in the soup adds. White meat contained in fish, eggs, and chickens are a high source of protein and very healthy. Some health experts recommend white meat rather than red meat. White meat chicken will not increase high cholesterol and thus, do not pose a threat to the cardiovascular system.

For serious illness

Nutritionists recommend chicken soup for a patient who is recovering from a serious illness. Even heart disease because it is not a risk to the patient, but it does not trigger cholesterol.

Keeping the weight

Researchers have discovered that a protein rich chicken soup, helping people to lose weight, and abdominal fat faster than other diets.

Cleaning the lungs

Chicken soup also was able to clear the blockage. It also inhibits white blood cells in response to inflammatory signals, thereby preventing the development of a sore throat and phlegm. The researchers also say that chicken soup contains an amino acid that leads to thinning mucus and ease blockages in the lungs.
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