Recovering from Bronchitis, George Bush Natural Parkinsonism

FORMER U.S. President George HW Bush last week has been recovered from bronchitis and a fever suffered. The hospital will provide a new explanation of the pain suffered by former President Bush with the consent of the family.

President Bush entered the hospital Houston Methodist Hospital on 23 November. Doctors describe Bush's state of health has decreased in recent weeks. A spokesman for the family of Jim McGrath said Bush had a fever and was undergoing treatment liquid diet, as reported by everydayhealth.

President Bush admitted to the intensive care unit at Methodist Hospital last Sunday. Bush did have disease in the lower body Parkinsonism. This disease makes Bush off balance and caused him to use a wheelchair for more than a year.

Currently, the hospitals are providing ongoing treatment to ensure Bush in good condition. "To respect the rights and privacy of the family, we will issue another statement only if the family is asking for," said a spokesman for the family, McGrath.
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