Sex When Pregnant, Risk or Not?

EVEN pregnancy, sexual life remained normal. To get around the inconvenience of having abdominal bulge, the selection of sex positions into consideration that needs to be communicated to the partner.

Many couples choose not to have sex for fear of pregnancy interrupted. In addition, the reason for discomfort is another factor why many couples are reluctant to have intercourse. So, can actually have sex while pregnant?

According to the AZ Questions and Answers Regarding Issues of Sexuality Core Team Partners, spouses may still have sexual intercourse during pregnancy normal circumstances. Instead, it is a wrong idea that sex during pregnancy can lead to infection or fear of hurting the baby while having sex.

Sexual intercourse or orgasm is not harmful to the baby because of the mucus of the cervix (mouth of the womb) the mother that help fight germs / infections that will go into the uterus, and naturally God created a safe refuge to the baby in the womb so that the baby is protected.

The baby is in the womb and the amniotic fluid sac and the uterine and abdominal muscles strong to protect the baby during the pregnancy. However, if you are pregnant with a high risk pregnancy, and doctors anticipate the possibility of complications, or you discover any unusual symptoms after or during sexual intercourse such as pain, contractions or bleeding, you should contact your doctor before having sex again.
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