Beware, Big Waist Prone Erectile Dysfunction

SIZE waist it can affect your health. Not just a disturbance in your urinary tract, but can also cause sexual dysfunction that can harm you.

For the men bulging waistline is not only at higher risk for developing high blood pressure, heart disease diabetes, and cause frequent urination, but also ruin your sex life, as reported by Healthmeup.

Research by the New York Presbyterian Hospital / Weill Cornell Medical Center is the first to comprehensively demonstrate that obesity in men affects not only the heart and their metabolism, but also sexual health and urinary tract.

The researchers also looked at the participants and their sexual health and found that 74.5 percent of men with the largest waist reported experiencing erectile dysfunction, compared with 50 percent of men in the middle group and 32 percent of men with a smaller waist. The problem is apparently ejaculation affects most men who have a waist size is too large, especially those who are obese.
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