Difficult Orgasm? This fact causes

Sexual relations would be nice to enjoy with your partner. However, there are many sexual problems that can interfere with the fun moments. One thing that often arises is the inability to achieve orgasm.

Sex is one way that is considered fun and positive both physically and emotionally to get closer to family. However, without the presence of a powerful sexual orgasm must be very bland and unsatisfying.

If you did, would need to find out what causes such a person can not reach orgasm. Find out why the following, as reported everydayhealth.

-Men and women can face another dilemma orgasm during intercourse. This could be due to the presence of delayed orgasm or take a long time to be able to orgasm, delayed ejaculation, ejaculation without orgasm. Problems in relationships, boredom in the bedroom, an emotional or physical trauma, such as rape or abuse, still shy to have sex with your partner, a side effect of certain medications, including some antidepressants.

-In fact, fear can keep you from getting the maximum orgasm. Experts say this as a physiological phenomenon, in which you have not or do not receive appropriate stimulation during intercourse. For that, you can communicate with your partner to get sexual satisfaction that you want. If you experience this, it is better to visit a sex therapist for a consultation so you can get a satisfying sexual relationship.
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