Current Trends in Breast Surgery

Anxiety breast will lose a frightening specter for breast cancer patients. However, with current surgical trends, patients can still maintain her breasts.

Breast cancer is the number one killer among women. Shifting cervical cancer in recent years. The verdict of breast cancer in a woman generally making the world seems to collapse. The fear of death that awaits, stamina dropped dramatically after chemotherapy or radiation, to the loss of sensual organs of the body become frightening for the patient. In fact, there are more than 20 types of breast cancer, each of which has its own treatment.

Thus, not only must irradiated. Meanwhile, with the current trend of breast surgery, women should not be afraid to lose the breast. Explained Dr Amiruddin Alfiah MD MS, breast surgery is growing.

"If before breast cancer surgery means lifting the whole breast, now doctors just throw the tumor, without changing the shape of the breast," he explained in the seminar Latest Trends in Breast Surgery, at the Royal Kuningan, Jakarta, recently.

Continuing Alfiah, tumor removal procedures and the breast tissue or radical mastectomy was becoming obsolete because of the poor cosmetic effect.

"Now a lot of breast surgery options. Patients are entitled to discuss with the doctor they want. Your doctor will help provide the following risk treatment options, "said the consultant breast surgeon this.

Biopsy techniques are also progressing. Currently biopsy actions should not be performed in the operating room. With the new technique named core needle biopsy, the patient does not need hospitalization because the procedure no more than 10 minutes. Core needle biopsy, the cancer biopsies performed using only the needle without having surgery. In this way, there was no scar, only the magnitude of the injection needle about 2 mm.

Another technique developed include sentinel lymph node biopsyuntuk take a sample of tissue in the lymph nodes, the biopsy without removing the lymph nodes in the armpit. Removal of lymph nodes that do not correspond to the risk of causing swelling in the hands of patients, which makes it look like Popeye arms. As well as the mastectomy is surgery to remove the tumor cells alone.

Skin and nipple sparing mastectomy is the treatment of breast cancer by removing the contents of the affected breast, but still leaving the skin and nipple so that women do not really lose her breasts. There is also microdochectomy, the treatment for nipple discharge problems (nipple discharge when not breastfeeding) done only by removing the problematic milk ducts.

In addition to these methods, it is also a technique of cancer radiation shorter. Recent surgical trends, in addition to shorter process, the results are even shorter. "Meaning what? Patients can shorten the treatment period, did not even have to stay in the hospital. That way, the cost of treatment can be reduced, "explained Alfiah.

This experience is felt directly by one of the breast cancer patients, Liu Muklan. The 68-year-old woman just last week underwent breast surgery at the Hospital Mitra Kemayoran.

"The operation took place at 02.00 am and finishes at 04.00. At 10.00 I was allowed to go home, "he said in an interview.

In contrast to the general state of the patient postoperatively, Liu actually allowed to bathe without fear of the incision gets wet. In addition, no bandages are wrapped around the patient's body.

"The bandage actually will only make the skin become clammy and itchy. Patients may feel uncomfortable, "said Alfiah.

After the surgery, Liu only provided the drug store, Panadol, not a pile of drugs that should be spent on patients. "3x2 dose every day. Overseas, out patient surgery are also given Panadol and no abstinence, "said Alfiah.

He stressed the importance of early detection. "The earlier cancer is found, the greater the opportunity to maintain the shape of the breast and the patient's life expectancy," he concluded.
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