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Lazy Moving, People Potential Obesity

Lazy Moving, People Potential Obesity

Obesity has become a worldwide epidemic. Unhealthy lifestyle and the many amenities that make people sedentary be one factor fat buildup in the body and cause obesity.

Someone said to obesity if there is a proportion of the excess fat in the body. You can be obese if you weigh 20 percent or more above normal weight. You can see the most common measure of obesity using body mass index (BMI). A person is considered overweight if his body mass index between 25 and 29.9 and a person is considered obese if his body mass index over 30.

Because obesity has emerged globally, WHO announced earlier in May 2012, obesity has reached epidemic proportions globally, with at least 2.8 million people die each year as a result of being overweight or obese. Once obesity is found in many high-income countries, obesity is now also commonly found in low-income countries and middle.

One of the causes of obesity because many facilities are emerging that allows people to not move. With the arrival of television, computers, video games, remote c ontrol, washing machine, dishwasher and modern convenience devices, most people change lifestyle sedentary than our grandparents used. People prefer to use their legs to drive a car. In some countries, the reliance on cars has become so powerful. Until many of those who use cars to travel even within the very near future.

The less you move, the less calories you burn. However, this is not just about calories. Physical activity has an effect on how hormones work, and hormones have an effect on how your body deals on food. Several studies have shown that physical activity has beneficial effects on insulin levels stable and make the body. Unstable insulin levels are closely associated with weight gain. So, do not be lazy if you do not want affected by obesity.

Sports Prevent Cancer Comes Back

Sports Prevent Cancer Comes Back

THERE is ample evidence that exercise and proper diet can help prevent cancer. The latest information shows that exercise for cancer patients can also prevent the cancer coming back.

Kerry Courtney, PhD, professor and researcher from Canada says that with a high level of activity can help lower the risk of cancer and prevent the cancer coming back on those who have cancer.

In a study of several different cancer patients, excess weight after completing treatment was associated with a shorter survival and a high risk of cancer recurrence. Women who exercise after completing breast cancer treatment live longer and have a lower risk of recurrence, as reported by Healthmeup.

According to recent evidence, colorectal cancer patients also lived longer by doing regular physical activity such as sports. "Obviously, every cancer patient wants to do all that they can, one to prevent a recurrence of cancer," said Colleen Doyle, MS, RD, director of nutrition and physical activity for the American Cancer society. Thus, mandatory for them to live a healthy life by doing weight control loss and exercise. http://healthy17care.blogspot.com
Consumption is, your Stomach Acid Increases

Consumption is, your Stomach Acid Increases

There are many foods that can increase your stomach acid. If the gastric acid in the stomach is too high, it can cause severe burns to the stomach and cause severe pain.

Metabolism of every person and the tendency to react to different foods. Both men and women may react differently to the results of the following foods that are believed to lead to an increase in gastric acid. Here are some foods that may be harmful, so you can be aware before taking them, as reported by Magforwoman.


A cup of tea or coffee a day could be your encouragement. However, too much caffeine can cause increased acidity in your stomach that would interfere with your daily activities.

Too much soda

Acidity is caused because your digestive system produces more hydrochloric acid than what is normally required. And soda can trigger the stomach to produce more acid than usual.

Spicy and oily foods

Who does not like spicy and oily foods that can arouse the appetite. But if too many sharp materials, such as garlic, onions, peppers, and other spices can cause your acid levels rise. Of course you have to reduce the food. It is better to control the tongue pleasure and keep your stomach from gastric acid threat.


Have you ever felt a burning sensation in your stomach after consuming beer, wine, or other drink on an empty stomach? Studies show that some people are prone to alcohol can cause hydrochloric acid levels to rise sharply.

Fruit acids

Family of citrus fruits can cause abdominal pain due to excessive gas formation in your body. Trying to eat the fruit in different forms that might help.

Current Trends in Breast Surgery

Current Trends in Breast Surgery

Anxiety breast will lose a frightening specter for breast cancer patients. However, with current surgical trends, patients can still maintain her breasts.

Breast cancer is the number one killer among women. Shifting cervical cancer in recent years. The verdict of breast cancer in a woman generally making the world seems to collapse. The fear of death that awaits, stamina dropped dramatically after chemotherapy or radiation, to the loss of sensual organs of the body become frightening for the patient. In fact, there are more than 20 types of breast cancer, each of which has its own treatment.

Thus, not only must irradiated. Meanwhile, with the current trend of breast surgery, women should not be afraid to lose the breast. Explained Dr Amiruddin Alfiah MD MS, breast surgery is growing.

"If before breast cancer surgery means lifting the whole breast, now doctors just throw the tumor, without changing the shape of the breast," he explained in the seminar Latest Trends in Breast Surgery, at the Royal Kuningan, Jakarta, recently.

Continuing Alfiah, tumor removal procedures and the breast tissue or radical mastectomy was becoming obsolete because of the poor cosmetic effect.

"Now a lot of breast surgery options. Patients are entitled to discuss with the doctor they want. Your doctor will help provide the following risk treatment options, "said the consultant breast surgeon this.

Biopsy techniques are also progressing. Currently biopsy actions should not be performed in the operating room. With the new technique named core needle biopsy, the patient does not need hospitalization because the procedure no more than 10 minutes. Core needle biopsy, the cancer biopsies performed using only the needle without having surgery. In this way, there was no scar, only the magnitude of the injection needle about 2 mm.

Another technique developed include sentinel lymph node biopsyuntuk take a sample of tissue in the lymph nodes, the biopsy without removing the lymph nodes in the armpit. Removal of lymph nodes that do not correspond to the risk of causing swelling in the hands of patients, which makes it look like Popeye arms. As well as the mastectomy is surgery to remove the tumor cells alone.

Skin and nipple sparing mastectomy is the treatment of breast cancer by removing the contents of the affected breast, but still leaving the skin and nipple so that women do not really lose her breasts. There is also microdochectomy, the treatment for nipple discharge problems (nipple discharge when not breastfeeding) done only by removing the problematic milk ducts.

In addition to these methods, it is also a technique of cancer radiation shorter. Recent surgical trends, in addition to shorter process, the results are even shorter. "Meaning what? Patients can shorten the treatment period, did not even have to stay in the hospital. That way, the cost of treatment can be reduced, "explained Alfiah.

This experience is felt directly by one of the breast cancer patients, Liu Muklan. The 68-year-old woman just last week underwent breast surgery at the Hospital Mitra Kemayoran.

"The operation took place at 02.00 am and finishes at 04.00. At 10.00 I was allowed to go home, "he said in an interview.

In contrast to the general state of the patient postoperatively, Liu actually allowed to bathe without fear of the incision gets wet. In addition, no bandages are wrapped around the patient's body.

"The bandage actually will only make the skin become clammy and itchy. Patients may feel uncomfortable, "said Alfiah.

After the surgery, Liu only provided the drug store, Panadol, not a pile of drugs that should be spent on patients. "3x2 dose every day. Overseas, out patient surgery are also given Panadol and no abstinence, "said Alfiah.

He stressed the importance of early detection. "The earlier cancer is found, the greater the opportunity to maintain the shape of the breast and the patient's life expectancy," he concluded.

Fried Meat Causes Prostate Cancer?

HOW you cook it can affect your health, especially if you cook red meat. Cooking carelessly it will make you, especially the men at risk for prostate disorder.

The study found that some of your favorite foods and how to cook them, like cooking red meat in the pan, it can be bad for your health. The experts found that men who consumed more than 1.5 servings of sauteed meat per week can increase the risk of prostate cancer biggest 30 percent, and those who ate 2.5 servings can increase the risk by 40 percent, as reported by AskMen.

Temperature is too high and way of cooking that is not perfectly ripe considered bad for the men's prostate health. Not just meat, fish fry that is not true can also cause the same effect.

How slow cooking over low heat recommended by the experts as one of the best methods of cooking meat.

Beyond favors, too Activate Brain Sex

DO you ever wonder why sex is considered healthy? If you still do not believe sex can make you healthier, the following interesting facts you may know about sex.

Sex offers you to get a good relaxation for the physically or mentally. Sexual activity can train your breathing, body movements that help burn fat, it also provides a much-needed psychological pleasure your mind. In addition to that, here are some benefits of sex that you can get, as reported Healthmeup.

Sex train your brain

Orgasm obtained from intercourse with a partner can increase brain activity. Women tend to choose smart guy as a mate and as a sexual partner.

Sex boost immunity

A study from Nottingham University concluded that men who regularly have sex with a regular partner (3 to 4 times a week) can enhance immune, so it can be protected from infectious diseases like flu. In addition, sex also helps men reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

Burn your fat

Various other research says that sex can help you lose weight. Sex burns calories as much as you do treadmill, swimming or weight training.

Healthy Skin

Sex helps the production of collagen in your body, which is largely responsible for the skin smooth and glowing. The body will also produce progesterone that can fight acne.

Stamina Fit & Quality of Life, Not Just a Sport

HEALTH is one of the top priorities that you should watch. With a healthy lifestyle, you can enjoy the vibrant life. Discover how to improve your health and family life so that quality.

Living healthy is not only physically, but also mentally. With a healthy body, you can do a variety of activities and achieve life success. Below are ways you can do that you can improve your health, as reported by Magforwoman.

Consumption of nutritious foods

Nutritious food is required at all times. Vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean meat, eggs, yogurt, or milk can be an healthy choice. You also need to take supplements and vitamins essential, such as minerals, calcium, iron, protein, carbohydrates, and other nutrients for a healthy body.

Exercise routine

Exercise has many benefits. Besides burning calories, exercise tertaur can keep you from stress and help you sleep more soundly. If your body is weak condition, consult with your doctor to get the proper exercise for you.

Avoid dehydration

Keeping your body hydrated also helps you stay healthy. All liquids such as coffee, tea, fruit juice, or milk is good for your body. but the most important is to drink water as much as 7 to 8 glasses every day.

Get enough sleep

Good night's sleep for at least 8 hours every day, is one way to make your body healthy. Getting enough sleep will help your body organs which rested when you wake up, your body will be ready menjalai various activities. A good sleep will also keep you from stress.

Vaginal Infection Symptoms and Treatment Baby

Who says only vaginal infection in women teens or adult women. In fact, babies or toddlers can also experience the same thing.

Although the problem is most common in women who are sexually active adults, the baby sometimes fungal infection. Yeast thrives in moist conditions, dark environment such as diapers and children who have received antibiotic therapy, as reported by LIVESTRONG.

In infants, especially those who have been taking antibiotics can kill the beneficial bacteria that prevent the overgrowth of yeast. Fungi flourish, especially in a wet diaper for a long time so the risk of developing a yeast infection. The resulting diaper rash can spread to your baby's vagina.

The most common symptoms of vaginal yeast infection is the presence of thickening like cheese and discharge from the vagina or around the vulva. Babies often itch or scratch the affected mushrooms. Arise redness, swelling, and difficult diaper rash disappeared.

The solution is not to use the drug for adults on your baby fight infection. Immediately consult a physician to determine and prescribe appropriate treatment. Change diapers more often to avoid the moisture in the diaper. When changing your child's diaper, wipe front to back through and make sure the area is completely dry before putting on a new diaper and avoid giving your child too much antibiotics.

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